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Summer 2013 Film Scoring project - candidates

Monkey Spoon





For the Birds

February 2013 Teaching Schedule

-- Lessons for the month of February will be uninterrupted. I am planning to teach a shorter schedule on Monday, 2/18 (President's Day). I will communicate with each Monday student individually as to whether we will be meeting that day.
-- As a reminder to CM students, here are the CM dates for this month:
* Performance evaluations will be held on the weekends of February 16-17 and February 23-24.  ** Theory testing will be conducted on the weekend of February 16-17.
-- The Theta Music assignment for February is the following exercises:
Scales -- Three Tones (Major) Chord Progressions -- Speaker Chords Theory & Notation -- Chord Spells Sound -- Band Match
-- There will be no Song of the Month for February. We'll resume this monthly program in March.
Have a happy day, Jesse