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How much does it cost to put on a recital at CSUEB?

Something I've been meaning to post here for a while. A breakdown of the cost of organizing a recital at CSUEB:
4-hour room reservation (w/ piano): $285 Event insurance: $83 Room monitor: approx. $50 (often this person doesn't show up) 100 Recital programs: $69.92 (this cost is exorbitant) Stamps for correspondence: $1
Additional outlays: - 6 hours of unpaid group rehearsal time - Gas & vehicle mileage - 3-4 hours spent formatting the program

Summer 2014 Film Scoring project - candidates

Monkey Spoon



June 2014 Teaching schedule

-- My teaching schedule for June will be uninterrupted. Lesson payments for June should be made out for the full month plus the $15 per student recital fee.
-- The next student recital is scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday, June 21st in the music building recital hall at CSUEB. 
Group 1 will begin at 2:30pm and Group 2 will begin at 4:00pm.
Click here for a listing of which student will perform in each group.  Click here for all the recital details you will need.
-- During the summer, there is one week I will not be teaching. Here are the dates when there will be no lessons: August 20 - August 26
I teach year-round, including the summer months of July & August. I know that many of you will be traveling for vacation during those months. The policy that I have adopted for summer teaching is this: each student needs to pay for a minimum of 4 lessons for the months of July & August in order to reserve a lesson time for the fall. If I do not receive this summer payment then I can'…