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Summer 2013 Film Scoring project - For the Birds cue list

1) 0:00 - 0:15  Opening credits 2) 0:16 - 0:54  Small birds gather on the wire 3) 0:55 - 1:15  Big bird appears 4) 1:16 - 1:47  All birds move to center of the wire 5) 1:48 - 2:27  Big bird hanging precariously 6) 2:28 - 2:38  Big bird falls, little birds fly up  7) 2:39 - 3:01  Feather-less little birds plop down 8) 3:02 - 3:22  End credits

July 2013 Teaching Schedule

-- I will not be teaching on the Independence Day holiday Thursday, July 4th. Also, I have a vacation week scheduled for July 20th through July 27th, and there will be no lessons that week.

-- At the end of August, there is another week I will not be teaching. Here are the dates when there will be no lessons:
August 26th through September 2nd

-- This summer I will be undertaking a cartoon film scoring project with select students. Each student will compose music to accompany the Pixar short "For the Birds". You can watch the video and find a cue list here.

-- There will be no Song of the Month for July & August.
Have a happy day, Jesse