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December 6 Recital Fee

Regarding the December 6 recital: There is a $10 recital fee required from all performing students. This fee will give admission to 2 adults per every student. Additional adult guests will be charged $5 admission. Kids' admission is free. Why the fees, you ask? - The CSUEB recital hall is rather expensive to rent, and the collected fees from each student help cover our incurred costs. - Jason & I spend a lot of extra time preparing these events, and much of our invested time is without compensation. - Not every music teacher offers recital performance opportunities to their students. This is a service we provide for our students. The December 6 recital is not for us as teachers, to puff ourselves up! Instead, this event is for our students -- to aid in their musical development. Performing regularly in front of an audience is essential for growth as a musician. Thanks for your support, Jesse

November 2009 Teaching Schedule

-- My teaching schedule will be uninterrupted during the month of November, save on Thanksgiving day. I will be teaching Monday (11/23) and Tuesday (11/24) of that week, but will not be teaching on the holiday: Thursday, 11/26. -- For students/parents who will be participating in the 2009-10 cycle of Certificate of Merit: the C.M. fees are due with your payment for November lessons. I am required to complete online registration prior to November 15 and also submit student fees at that time. Thanks for your help in making this a smooth process. -- Lastly, there will be another joint Piano/Guitar recital on the afternoon of Sunday, December 6, to be held once again in the recital hall of the music building at CSUEB. Watch this space for all the pertinent details -- they will be posted around mid-November. Students: be practicing diligently! ...(as always) In abundant solidarity, Jesse