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Musician Antony Hegarty sounds off on technology

"The Internet might be useful for creating revolution, but all it's creating in the Western world is more passivity, more disconnection. It's a nightmare.  When I was 20 years old in New York City, do you think you walked into a coffee shop and saw 40 people staring at $2,000 purchases all made from the same company? And those are all the artists!  I talk to young musicians now, and they're just happy to be making records that get released. They don't even consider that, in the old days, they could making a living by selling records. They don't even get paid for their work. All that money just goes to Apple and they're happy to just have people going to their shows. It just took two generations for Apple and similar companies to convince artists they don't deserve to get paid and that they should just be grateful for the tools that Apple is providing us to make our work, as if we need them to make our art. It's very, very [messed] up."

Summer Film Scoring Project

This is a project I've wanted to present for awhile now, and I think this summer is the time to make it happen. Here's the short animated film I selected to inaugurate what I hope to be an annual project for my students. Mute the sound and imagine the possibilities: Participating students will compose several short instrumental pieces to accompany the above video. We will work together to record the music and then place the musical cues in the appropriate places, linking sounds to the images. The deadline for completion of this film scoring project will be the end of September.  More information can be provided upon request. This project is not for everyone -- some of my students are too young for this type of work and others won't be able to make the time commitment required -- but those who get onboard will enjoy a unique, rewarding musical challenge. Jesse

Keeping Score: The Making of a Performance: Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony

I must confess ignorance regarding Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony. I'd never heard the work prior to viewing this concert/documentary film. I'm sure strains of it have passed my ears at some point in years past, but my recollection is foggy. No matter -- Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor of the San Francisco Symphony, is a masterful tour guide to the uninitiated. I hope to see more of the films in his "Keeping Score" series. These are illuminating for both experienced musicians and novices alike. There's something for everyone. Very exciting to witness snippets of the rehearsal process and see the conductor playing piano at home, rehearsing from his weathered score. All the while, M.T.T. is ebullient. His attention to detail in preparing the S.F. Symphony's performance of this symphony is remarkable. Even after the performance has ended he's still thinking about ways he could have elicited more emotive power from the music and from his musicians. This is

June 2011 Teaching Schedule

-- My teaching schedule during the month of June will be uninterrupted. -- June will be my last month teaching on Tuesdays in Fremont. From July going forward I will be teaching on Tuesdays at my home studio in Castro Valley. -- I have a few plans in the works for special Summer activities in my teaching studio. These are still taking shape. I'll reveal them when they are more fully-formed (i.e. soon). -- The  Ear Power  song for the month of June is  "King of Anything" by Sara Bareilles . Download links below. Have a happy month, Jesse