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The Many Benefits of Music

From an article written by Sandy Lundberg, originally posted on the Music Teacher's Helper blog on 10/26/13 : The Many Benefits of Music Music is beneficial on many levels. It is the universal language of our hearts. Just like our spoken language, where we learn to read, write and communicate, and appreciate the communications of others, we can learn to communicate in the language of music. Music grows new connections in the brain. Because of the way our two hands are used, playing the piano develops these connections better than any other instrument. Piano study improves math skills, coordination, and multi-level thinking. Students slowly develop independence of the hands, and the ability for each hand to perform a completely different action in coordinated unison. Studying music develops character. It has been said that it takes 10 years at 20 hours per week to truly master a subject. That’s a lot of commitment and patience, a lot of showing up and doing the w

October 2013 Teaching Schedule

-- My teaching schedule for October will be uninterrupted. -- The  Theta Music Trainer  assignment for the month of October is these 3 exercises: Scales  --  Paddle Tones Melody  --  Parrot Phrases Rhythms  --  Flash Rhythms -- The next student recital will be held  Sunday, December 8th  from 2 to 6pm in the recital hall at CSUEB. Please save the date! -- The song of the month for October is "Just Give Me a Reason" by Pink. Have a happy day, Jesse