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C.M. Branch Honors Recital hosting @ C.V. Center for the Performing Arts

Sit through four student honor recitals, hand out programs, re-arrange chairs, shepherd wayward parents & families, decipher a succession of crazy accents, spar with a fellow teacher who comes back from her lunch break to find you manning her previous post and insists that your reason for being there is not true and that in fact you are not a teacher (all this eliciting untold rage within you), become disgusted by all the formality, lament how the adjacent simultaneous recital always concludes before yours, shake your head at the handful of student performers showing up with winter gloves on their hands, wish to never hear Bach's "Minuet in G" again, refuse to become entwined in the trash-talking about how many misspellings have appeared in the programs, unexpectedly find yourself up on stage at the end of the 8-hour day unwrapping senior medallions and plaques to hand to people you only vaguely know, act as the stage manager pulling items on and off stage between per

April 2012 Teaching Schedule

-- There will be no lessons during the spring break week of April 9th through 15 . I will be teaching on the Easter holiday of Sunday, April 8th. The rest of the month's schedule is as normal. Email me if you have any questions.  -- Here are the  Theta Music Trainer  exercises I'd like students to work on in April: Melody  --  Paddle Tones Harmony  --  Flash Chords Harmony  --  Chord Drops Sound  --  Vocal Match The top Theta Music achievers for the month of March were: Alex, Emma S., Carissa, Jonathan, Christopher, Aniruddh, Jacob, & Kaitlyn T. -- I will have C.M. results packets to hand back to students who participated in the program this year by the middle of April. -- The next student recital has been booked for Saturday evening, July 7 in the recital hall at CSUEB. Save the date. -- The Song of the Month for April is "California Girls" by The Beach Boys. Have a happy day, Jesse