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November 3rd Pop Concert at Smalltown Space

The Pop Concert will be presented Sunday, 11/3 at Smalltown Space in Castro Valley. The venue is located at 22222 Redwood Rd. right next door to the Trader Joe's. Parking may be tricky on a Sunday afternoon. I have been assured that we are allowed to park anywhere around the building - either in the Trader Joe's parking spaces or in the First Presbyterian Church parking areas. See parking areas highlighted in blue in the image below. The maximum occupancy of the space is 50. Family and friends are welcome to attend this event, but we will need to limit the number to no more than 4 guests per performer. If you want to bring any refreshments to share with the audience and performers, that is welcomed.   The dress for this performance is casual - students can wear whatever they want.  Here are the groups of performers: Group 1   3pm start time Kaitlyn Y., Anna, Abby, Lillian, Kyle, Valerie, Samip, Sabal, Gideon, Daniel, Tony, Nancy, Tristan Gr

Summer 2019 film scoring project - Coin Operated cue list

Mute the sound and imagine the possibilities: 1) 0:00 - 0:32  Rocket in flight 2) 0:33 - 0:55  A real rocket? 3) 0:56 - 2:13  The first ride 4) 2:14 - 3:08  Lemonade stand 5) 3:09 - 4:41  Bag of coins/Final ride 6) 4:42 - 5:14  End Credits  Participating students will compose several short instrumental pieces to accompany the above video. We will work together to record the music and then place the musical cues in the appropriate places, linking sounds to the images. The deadline for completion of this film scoring project will be the end of August.

2013 CM Theory Practice Test Answer Key

Happy puppy says: " You can find the answers to your CM 2013 Practice Test here. "