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January 2013 Teaching Schedule

-- My regular teaching schedule resumes on Sunday, January 6th. The month of January will be uninterrupted. (I am aware that Monday, Jan. 21 is the M.L.K. Jr. holiday... I will be teaching that day.) -- As a reminder to CM students, here are the CM dates for spring 2013: * Performance  evaluations will be held on the weekends of  February 16-17 and February 23-24.  ** Theory  testing will be conducted on the weekend of  February 16-17. -- The Theta Music assignment for January is the following exercises: Intervals  -- Harmonic Drops Chords -- Tone Trees Chords -- Speed Chords Rhythm -- Flash Rhythms -- There will be no Song of the Month for January or February. Have a happy day, Jesse

Student resources

Quizzes and games: Theta Music Trainer Music quizzes N.Y. Philharmonic Game Room Isle of Tune Music-making: Tonematrix Incredibox Music knowledge: Music History 102 Composers Gallery Listening List and Composer Resource LSO education pages Music theory: Music theory flash cards Online metronomes: Seventh String metronome Blank manuscript paper: Free Notation software: NoteFlight MuseScore Play-along tracks: iRealb Songsterr Recording and Sequencing: Audacity GarageBand  (Mac only) Soundation