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CM Theory Test Correcting @ Transfiguration Church

I must have corrected 60 theory tests today. It was a grind, but I'd rather work than loaf. The full day of work today fulfilled half of my obligated two work days for the Certificate of Merit program this year. Working at Transfiguration Church in Castro Valley was a pleasant change. The room we theory test correctors were situated in had many windows, which contributed a more cheery outlook to the proceedings. Our regular correcting room in the music building at Chabot College has no windows, which can make an occupant start to feel stir-crazy after being sequestered for hours within. I enjoyed the venue change. The teacher sitting directly across from me for most of the day at one point uttered this memorable line: "This student of mine scored 91%... the same score as last year. Another mediocre result." Is this fantasy? Am I a participant in this madness?  Jesse

March 2012 Teaching Schedule

-- My teaching schedule for March will be uninterrupted. I do have a couple conflicts due to my performance schedule at the end of the month, but I will communicate these to students individually. -- Here are the  Theta Music Trainer  exercises I'd like students to work on in January: Melody  --  Melodic Drops Harmony  --  Harmonic Drops Harmony  -- Number Blaster Sound  --  Channel Scramble The top Theta Music achievers for the month of February were: Emma, Alex, Katie, P.J., & James -- Here are the CM dates for the next two weekends: * Theory testing will be conducted on the weekend of March 3 & 4. ** Performance evaluations will be held on the weekends of March 3 & 4 and March 10 & 11.  -- The Song of the Month for March is "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson. Have a happy day, Jesse