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April Ear Power - Week 3

Artist:  Train Song:  "Hey, Soul Sister" This coming week is our last to work on this song. We'll be focused on putting all the pieces together. Some students will still be learning the chorus of the song this week. For details on the musical make-up of the chorus you can take a look at my post from last week . Once again, here are the chord progressions that comprise each section of the song: Key:   E Major Introduction | I  | V | vi | IV | Verse | I  | V | vi | IV | I  | V | vi | IV  V | Chorus |  IV  |  V  I V  |  IV  |  V  I V  |  IV  |  V  I V  |  IV  |  V  | Song Form: Intro.  V.  C.  Intro.  V.  C.  V.  C. C.

April Ear Power - Week 2

Artist:  Train Song:  "Hey, Soul Sister" Here's what we've learned about this song's Chorus: - The chorus is 8 measures long. - The starting vocal melody notes in the chorus are  B G# (B is the higher note, descending to G#) - The chord progression in the chorus features only primary chords ( I , IV , V ). The progression is as follows: | IV | V  I V |  IV | V  I V |  IV | V  I V | IV | V | (in the second measure of the chorus, the V chord starts on beat 1, followed by a I chord on beat 3, and then back to the V chord on beat 4... the 4th and 6th measures are the same) ____________ This is our last week to work on this song, so here's a summary: Key:   E Major Introduction | I  | V | vi | IV | Verse | I  | V | vi | IV | I  | V | vi | IV  V | Chorus (see above) Song Form: Intro.  V.  C.  Intro.  V.  C.  V.  C. C. _____________ Does it sound like I'm speaking a different language? I assure you the scribbles above are valid information. I&

April Ear Power - Week 1

Artist: Train Song: "Hey, Soul Sister" What we've learned so far: - The song is in the key of E Major - The song only has 3 sections: Introduction , Verse , and Chorus . There is no Bridge section in this song. - The chord progression in the introduction is almost exactly identical to the chord progression of the verse.  (The verse differs slightly in that every 8th measure features the chords  | A  B | rather than playing an A chord for a full measure, as in the introduction). - The starting vocal melody notes in the introduction -- the first "Hey" -- are G# F# . - The song only features 4 chords:   E  B  C#m  A    ( | I  | V | vi | IV | in the key of E) - The starting vocal melody notes in the verse are B G#   (B is the lower note, ascending to G#) I hope all my students learning this song are having a blast. This week we'll try to tackle the chorus.

Quotes on Performance

Kim Gordon , bassist for Sonic Youth , on performance: "Well, you know, it's not going to be perfect. Sometimes you're so nervous before [an importance performance], but you have all this adrenaline, which somehow turns into something great. There are so many factors, but you need to remember that the people are there to like you, and their energy brings so much. They want to believe in you."

Ear Power song for April 2010

"Hey, Soul Sister" by Train

April 2010 Teaching Schedule

-- My teaching schedule for the month of April will be uninterrupted. Thursday students: we will have 5  meetings this month - please plan accordingly. -- The Certificate of Merit results are in and I now have all the paperwork and certificates in my possession. I will distribute these items to students in the first weeks of April. -- I am aware that the week of April 5-9 is spring break for many of my students. I plan to teach my normal schedule throughout that week. A few people have already communicated to me that they will be out of town and unable to make their lesson. It is not a problem if a student needs the week off for whatever reason, so long as this is communicated to me ahead of time. -- Lastly, I am starting a new monthly program that is available to all students who have reached intermediate levels. It will be titled: “ Ear Power ”. Each month I’ll select a pop/rock/r&b song from a list my students helped me assemble and teach how to play the song. We will not be usi