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CM Ear Training Evaluation mp3's

Beethoven practicing ear training (circa 1820)
2004 Theory Test Ear Training Links:

2007 Theory Test Ear Training Links:

2008 Theory Test Ear Training Links:

2013 Theory Test Ear Training Links:

Beethoven after upgrading his headphones. Note the happier expression!

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May 21st Recital -- Details & Directions

The student recital will be held Saturday, May 21st in the CSUEB Music Building in room 1055 . For a CSUEB campus map, follow this link (the Music Building is the donut-shaped building on the left of the map, abbreviated as "MB"). **Weekend parking at CSUEB is free There will be 2 groups of performers: - Group 1 starts at 2:30pm - The Beatles set will start circa 4:00pm - Group 2 starts at 4:30pm Each student will know ahead of time which group they are a part of. Performers:  - please arrive 20-30 minutes early  - dress code: nice casual  - performers with long hair: plan to wear your hair up or pulled back For a Google Map of the CSUEB Hayward Hills Campus, follow this link For detailed driving directions to CSUEB from anywhere in the bay area, follow this link No tickets required for this event -- all are welcome. Still have questions? Email me at Performers: please read this helpful article