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CM Ear Training Evaluation mp3's

Beethoven practicing ear training (circa 1820)
2004 Theory Test Ear Training Links:

2007 Theory Test Ear Training Links:

2008 Theory Test Ear Training Links:

2013 Theory Test Ear Training Links:

Beethoven after upgrading his headphones. Note the happier expression!

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2013 CM Theory Practice Test Answer Key

Happy puppy says: " You can find the answers to your CM 2013 Practice Test here. "

CM Theory Test Correcting @ Chabot College

This is an all-day endeavor. And I do get tired. And I am usually the only male in the room. If you answered these clues Jeopardy-style with, "What is Jesse correcting Certificate of Merit theory tests at Chabot College", then you are a perceptive soul. The Music Teachers Association of CA (MTAC) requires all of its active members to work a minimum of one full day each year to help run the Certificate of Merit program. The jobs range widely from studio host to theory room monitor to registration desk, and sundry others. This year is my 3rd year as an active MTAC member. My first year I helped run the registration desk. Both this year and last I worked among the theory test correcting ranks. The theory test correcting room is set up with a row of long tables. Teachers sit on each side of these tables all day long, rubbing elbows. Here's what we do: we have red pencils. We hold the red pencils in our hands. We mark answers if they are wrong. Fatigue sets in after a couple